Religion – culture of Albania


Albania is a former part of the Ottoman Empire meaning there are denominations taken from the Ottoman culture however coupled with an ‘original language’ and well kept Illyria traditions means you end up with a very vivacious, respectful, busy and nice atmosphere.

Albanian food is fantastic, no doubt to it, they serve delicious original cheap meals such as fli which is cooked in a traditional way and tastes exceptional.

The people in Albania can be described as ‘local’ in a sense, everybody knows each other, when I went it kind of reminded me of what London was like in the 1950s- you had Christine the hair dresser and Robert the butcher Judy the baker, not to mention the sense of togetherness there, it’s fantastic it really is. It’s no surprise Mother Theresa was ethnically from Albania. Whether you are from Turkey or China they will always help out it’s part of their culture.

Albania itself is 60% muslim and 35% Christian with 5% other, however it is one of the only countries in the world that can boast co-residence in total peace and harmony.

You know I really feel sorry for Albania, one of the most underrated countries in the world most definitely one of the most overlooked upon. When you think Europe, to be honest for a lot of people in this world Albania wouldn’t come first to mind, maybe France, England. But sometimes you need change- it’s refreshing

And when you learn what the country is about and the vibe it brings whether at night or in the day you realize your in the rough diamond of the Balkans the rough diamond in Europe,— Albania.