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The Royal villa hotel in Tirana of Albania

Are you looking for trustworthy, comfortable and clean accommodation in Tirana?

You have found what you are looking for!

When it comes to choosing a place to stay in Tirana, this comfortable hotel offers affordable prices, personalized attention, tranquility and a high standard of service, food and hospitality.

The Royal Villa hotel is a clean, cozy and affordable boutique hotel situated in the center of Bllok, one of the most expensive, fashionable and modern areas of the capital city of Albania, Tirana.

The two leveled building has a total of 12 rooms, an interior bar and a luxury, high class restaurant, and two out-door yards for drinks and cocktails.

The second floor of the building can be accessed by its internal stairs. The building has been designed to provide personalized and graceful care, in order to make guests feel welcomed and like they are living in a private home.

Its tranquility and intimacy are among the features that distinguish our hotel from other hotels. Depending on the number of beds, each room has 24 hour room service, private bathroom, telephone, air conditioner, mini-bar, TV, etc.

The internal and outer communal living and eating spaces are other important elements that make our guests feel comfortable and cozy. The hotel is surrounded by old 5-floor buildings built during the communist era, inhabited by Tirana’s most renowned and intellectual families. The Royal Villa is located just 5 minutes away from the most modern and high class bars, restaurants and shops.

Guests can enjoy the vivid nightlife atmosphere of the safe area of Bllok, shop in the most modern stores or eat different types of cuisines from restaurants located in Bllok.

Ground Floor
The ground floor of the villa is comprised of an inner bar and restaurant and an outer space for drinking (and eating).

The outer eating/drinking space is appropriate for use during the noon or in the afternoon, while the inner space can be used in any time of the day.

The internal restaurant is appropriate for business lunches or meetings and also for family dinners.

1st Floor
The first floor of the villa can be accessed by outer stairs and has the reception desk, 6 rooms, 1 Twin Room, 1 Deluxe Room and 4 Double Rooms.

The second floor has also a terrace in the outer space, where guests can drink cocktails in the afternoon or in the evening.

2nd Floor
The second floor of the villa is comprised of 6 rooms and a communal living space where guests can meet each other and network. In the second floor, the villa has 1 Twin Room, 2 Deluxe Rooms and 3 Double Rooms.